Trinity Reformed Church

Covid 19 Guidelines for Gathered Corporate Worship

Trinity Reformed Church

Guidelines for Gathered Corporate Worship

During the Present Pandemic

1)       Sunday School, Coffee fellowship, the evening worship service, and all other services beside the Main morning worship services are suspended until further notice

2)      If you are in the high-risk group due to an underlying health conditions or age, you are encouraged to stay home and participate via live-stream.

3)      Seating and fellowship: Physical (“social”) distancing guidelines of 6 ft. for seating and fellowship should be observed at all times in submission to our government and care for one another.  Seating should be every other “pew” and at least three chairs apart.   Family groups may sit together.

4)      Nursery care is suspended until further notice. Parents may use this room or other rooms, but we ask that you remain careful to observe physical distancing. 

5)      Greeters will not be at the doors handing out bulletins; bulletins will be stacked on the table in the Foyer.  Hymn books will also be stacked on the table in the Foyer.

6)      When greeting one another, we encourage alternatives to hugs and handshakes while maintaining physical distancing.

7)      Face masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment are encouraged, but they are optional;  a limited number will be available.  Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Hand sanitizer is available.

8)      The offering plate will not be passed, but will be located in the foyer/sanctuary entrance.  Worshipers should place their gifts into the offering plate as they enter the foyer/sanctuary; a Deacon will bring the plate forward, presenting before the congregation, during the time of offering in the service so we can give our tithes and offerings corporately while maintaining distancing.

9)      Hymnals will be sanitized or copies of hymns will be printed

10)     Door knobs and high frequency areas will be sanitized after each service.