Our Beliefs

About The Bible
The Bible is God’s very own written Word revealed to us.  It is therefore without error, authoritative, and relevant.  We believe it reveals the way of salvation and God’s will for our lives.  (Tim. 3:16,17; Jn 8:35, 36)


About The Trinity 
There exists One Eternal God, Who reveals Himself in Three Persons: God the Father as our Creator; Jesus Christ the Son of God as our Savior and Lord; the Holy Spirit as the Third Person, who renews our hearts and makes us children of God.  (Jn 1:1,12,13; Jn 3:6-8; 1 Pet. 1:12; Ex 20:3)


About  Man
We believe the problem of the human race is sin – sin in all of us.  Sin makes it impossible for us to save ourselves, create a sure hope for ourselves, or significantly better our lives (I Jn 1:8; Rom. 6:23).


About Jesus Christ & Salvation 
Jesus is the only Savior from sin.  We find personal salvation through faith in Him. In Him we find peace and comfort in this life, and a sure hope for the life to come (Jn 20:31; Acts 4:12).

About the Christian  
We are called to live a life of obedience and service to our Lord. This obedience is exercised in a spirit of thankfulness for our deliverance from sin and misery. We believe that real happiness is to be found in such a life, and in such a life only (Rom. 14:17; Phil. 4:4).

The Three Forms of Unity
500-year-old summaries of essential Bible teachings written in part to defend God’s people from deep-seated theological and moral corruption in all kinds of false churches and movements. (Click on links below)


Ecumenical Creeds
Ancient summaries of basic Bible teachings written in part to defend God’s people against heresies sadly still alive today. (Click on links below)
Trinity Reformed Church