Unity of Blood

Unity of Blood

Ephesians 2:11-22, Belgic Confession Article 27. Trinity Reformed Church sermon 2/12/23

A departure from the Church is a renunciation of God and Christ…. criminal dissension. Nor is it possible to imagine a more atrocious crime ~ Institutes. IV:i. 10 John Calvin

The unity of the Church, such as Paul describes it, we protest we hold sacred, and we denounce anathema against all who in any way violate it… A holy unity exists amongst us, when, consenting in pure doctrine, we are united in Christ alone. ~ The Necessity of Reforming the Church – Tracts I:214,215. John Calvin

The disagreement of members within the Church can lead to nothing else than the ruin and consumption of the whole body. Gal. 162. John Calvin

Trinity Reformed Church